Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tibbetibaba Vedanta Ashram, Howrah

The 19th Century Howrah Sporting Club, once the centre of Revolutionary Movement of Bengal...This place was once visited by famous revolutionaries and it was also used for secret meetings, storing arms etc. Nearest to it is Tibbetibaba Vedanta Ashram. If you stay here till 10 p.m. at night, you will experience a strange calmness and a sweet song, coming from some unknown place ( I personally did it )...
Tibbetibaba in his early life
Bishnupada Chattopadhyay ( Bhooan Swami ), who bought land for Howrah Dalalpukur Ashram.
The Main Gate ( Front )
Donations by Bithika Mukhopadhyay, the grand-daughter of Kunjeshwar Mishra, one of the main disciples of Tibbetibaba, dated 18.11.2000. ( Near the wall of inner entrance ).
The Ashram's name ( the main entrance ), established on Agrahan 6, 1336 Bangabda. ( 1929 A.D. )
The Roof
Achintya Das of IUFE talking with the Priest
Rare Painting of Buddha from Allahabad
Wooden Sandals used by Tibbetibaba himself
The Main Gate of Tibbetibaba Vedanta Ashram
Tibbetibaba in later life

Tibbetibaba Vedanta Ashram is near Howrah Satragachi Indoor Stadium ( Dalalpukur ). The Ashram was built during the first half of the 20th Century ( 1929 A.D. ) by Tibbetibaba himself. Land was bought for this ashram by his disciple Bishnupada Chattopadhyay and the first brick was laid by Tibbetibaba himself. Next year, in November, 1930, Tibbetibaba passed away in his another Ashram near Palitpur, Bardhaman. Originally a Bengali Brahman by birth named Nabin Ch Chattopadhyay, he travelled to Tibbet, Central Asia, Nepal, Bhutan and South East Asia. It is claimed that he also travelled upto Mecca. His main teachings are an amalgamation of Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism. His most famous disciples include Soham Swami and Swami Niralamba, both inspired the Revolutionaries. The Ashram in Howrah was also a meeting place for Revolutionaries of Agniyug. He later entered the body of a Burmese Prince to teach Vedanta in South East Asia as well as inspired many patriots to revolt against the British rule. The Ashram is in danger due to interference of a local promoter. The inner hall is an ideal place of meditation and mental peace. There are another three Ashrams built by him in Bengal and Bihar, but all are deserted at present. ( Photos taken by Sujay Chatterjee and are copyrighted material ).

The Howrah Dalalpukur Ashram can be reached from Howrah Station or, from Exide in Kolkata. From Exide or Rabindra Sadan, it takes half an hour to reach Satragachi Indoor Stadium by bus. From Howrah Station, it takes 40 mins to reach the same place by bus. 

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